Estonia crypto licence for everyone

The crypto license in Estonia is a guaranteed successful path to the rapid development of your commercial direction.

Crypto licence features in Estonia

1. Terms

You can register a company and get a license to operate cryptocurrencies within 3 months.

2. Value

The crypto license in Estonia is 3-4 times lower than in Switzerland or the USA. The price of a license to provide services with virtual currency starts from 5 900 euros.

3. Regulators

Interaction with regulators and their availability play a very important role in blockchain projects. Communication and interaction with the Financial Supervision Authority and the Money Laundering Data Bureau in Estonia is much easier than in the USA or Singapore: the necessary legal information, assistance in resolving various issues within their competence, possibility of communication in English and Russian languages.

4. E-residency

Estonia is open to entrepreneurs from all over the world and is recognized as one of the most advanced countries in digitalization and IT. Anyone who wants to do business in Estonia can apply for an e-resident card, which allows access to all public services and facilitates communication with the state.

Crypto license Tax policy

According to the OECD, Estonia has one of the most competitive tax policies in the world. There is no income tax in Estonia. Bitcoin and altcoins are not subject to VAT/VAT. Also, ICO projects are not taxed. That is, raised funds with the ICO are not taxed on profits until dividends with the ICO are distributed.

Advantages of obtaining a crypto license in Estonia:

  1. The corporate income tax is 0%.
  2. Low tax rate.
  3. Possibility to manage the company via e-residence (without the need to come to the Republic of Estonia).
  4. The founder may be a non-resident of Estonia.
  5. The authorized capital should be 12,000 euros.
  6. At the time of the company’s establishment, it is possible not to form it, just to declare it.

*Due to the abundance of advantages, most entrepreneurs have chosen Estonia for the successful implementation of crypto-currency projects. The number of new projects in this area has shown a steady increase.

Procedure for obtaining crypto license in Estonia.

  • company registration – from 1-5 working days;
  • receipt of estonia crypto licence documentation – 1-1.5 months;
  • account opening allows you to successfully start a business in the territory of the European country.
  • Opening an account for Estonian crypto company is allowed in banking institutions/payment systems. The final cost depends on the chosen option, and is determined on the basis of an individual request.

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